About Arazenergy
    1. Vision
      Our vision is quite simple and that is to provide solutions to our customers that solve their complex problems in a satisfactory manner. All our customers come back to us and we strive on customer satisfaction. This is shown with our 95% customer retention and repeat orders.

      Our solutions are optimized and entail the latest technologies as we utilize the experts from the largest manufacturers around the world. Our clients are impressed and impress their peers with our solutions.

      Quality and service are our number one priority and we abide by all international standards.
    2. Who we are
      We provide turnkey solutions for the power and electrical industry in the areas of automation, control, protection, SCADA and Building Management Systems. We are technical and have experience amounting to more than 200 years within our company which makes us one of the best integrators and solution providers in the world in our field of expertise.

      Engineers and engineered solutions are often difficult to understand. At the same time most engineering firms lack the understanding of the market and customer’s needs and adhere to their strict engineering sense. We are very different. We listen, we think and then provide a turnkey solution that fits.

      Our service and training is unprecedented. We believe 80% of each project’s effectiveness is through service and training. We make our customers experts in their systems and help them maintain it for a minimum of 10 years through our award winning customer service team.

      We, also, have very close ties to our partners who are global brand manufacturers. Names such as GE, Schneider Electric and ETAP trust us to provide solutions utilizing their products. In some countries, we represent them and distribute their products and solutions. This close connection allows us to provide better solutions to our customers.
    3. Our Values
      Customer Satisfaction – we work for our customers and our most important value is to see them happy with our solutions
      Quality – without quality, any solution will fall apart. Utilizing the latest management standards, six sigma, and lean procedures we allow no defects in our processes and solutions
      Integrity – We look towards long term customers and long term partnerships. Without trust and integrity, no relationship can last very long. We abide by the laws and regulations, and set an example in every project and every country we work.
    4. External Links
      1. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers www.ieee.org
      2. International Electrotechnical Commission http://www.iec.ch/
      3. Distributed Network Protocol DNP http://www.dnp.org/
      4. Six Sigma Quality Control www.ge.com/sixsigma
      5. UL Certificate and Test Lab www.ul.com/
      6. T&D Test Lab KEMA http://www.kema.com
      7. European Commission CE Marking http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/policies/single-market-goods/cemarking/
      8. viii.ZigBee Standard Group www.zigbee.org
      9. Custom Home Theater Installation Contractors www.cedia.net
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