Products We Sell


Protection and Control

  • ➢Digital Protection Relays
  • ➢RTUs and Data Concentrators
  • ➢Bay Controllers and Coordinators
  • ➢Protocol Converters 


  • ➢Fiberoptic Multiplexers
  • ➢Industrial Ethernet Switches 
  • ➢Media converters
  • ➢GPS and SNTP Clocks
  • ➢Wireless High-Speed Connections

SCADA and Power Engineering Software 

  • ➢ETAP Engineering Tools
  • ➢ETAP Real-Time Software
  • ➢GE Cimplicity SCADA and HMI
  • ➢SNC-Lavalin ECS (GE Smart Grid)

Asset Management and Monitoring

  • ➢Online Transformer Monitoring
  • ➢Transformer Diagnostics
  • ➢PD Monitoring of Circuit Breakers
  • ➢PD Monitoring of Motors


Automation (BMS)

  • ➢Home and Villa Automation
  • ➢Larger Building Automation
  • ➢Access Control and Security
  • ➢Closed Circuit Security Camera
  • ➢Audio/Video and Home Theater

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